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So, I caught up on all the major E3 conferences yesterday (minus the 3DS because I really don't care about it all that much...) and although I wouldn't say it amazed me like past E3s, but there were a few pleasant surprises on my end.

In terms of "who won E3?" I'd say Ubisoft just inched Sony out by thismuch. I was tempted to take points away for the awfully corny host scripts, but then Joe Miller came out... so... :P Microsoft had to be the worst by far. They barely talked about any games and it was all about how they're basically transforming the 360 into a crappy HTPC. EA was just BO-RING, but then again I am not a fan of EA Sports games and that was like half of their presentation. Nintendo was just middle of the road. I love Mario (who doesn't?) and really it was just a lot of the same old stuff. But they all had something in it for me, so I can't say they were terrible.

There were a few highlights for me. As in, "OMG I NEED THAT GAME NOOOOOW!" XD

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I've been thinking of doing a LP (or two). Not for any real purpose other than because it looks like fun. And partially because my boyfriend likes watching me play games and watches LPs before going to sleep. I don't know what I'd do though. I thought of doing an adventure game  (I've had to urge to play The Longest Journey), but I'm a bit of a slow reader and how awful would that be listening to me mumble dialogue?  XD I  could go through my SNES roms, but uh, they may turn into 'how long until I rage?' games hah. Thinking about it. :P

I also had this awesome idea for making an amigurumi Portal turret. I'll need to dig up some yarn and try it out. :)


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