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A little late, but HAPPY CANADA DAY! █♥█

I tried my hand at nail marbling for the occasion. I think it turned out pretty cool. :) I used some random red polish I had lying around and a pretty sheer pink with gold glitter (NYC Golden Sunset). I think my favourite ones are my pointer finger on my left hand and my right ring and pinky fingers. I freehanded 2 maple leafs too. Strange, but I think the one on my right hand turned out better. I'm right handed, so I thought it would turn out so bad. XD

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And I got my Nintendo Club shoelaces a few days ago. :D I forgot all about Nintendo Club since I honestly never use my Wii anymore and I don't normally buy Nintendo games. If I do it's usually used games anyways. But they sent me an email last month to remind me and I had a couple hundred points, so I thought I'd see what they had to offer. Especially since shipping and handling is free! Sadly the Zelda poster set was unavailable. :( I thought about the fans, but I'm so damn klutzy that I probably would never take it out of the box for fear of tearing it... That left me torn between the laces and the 'History of Handheld Systems: Collectible Cards.' Ultimately I chose the laces for their practicality. :P I've yet to lace them up because I can't decide on what pair of shoes to put them on. XD I may see about getting some new ones on sale... I really want some old skool Nike sneakers. Ones with a red swoop like Marty McFly's. :P Fuck power laces. I gots some power-up laces har har!

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And lastly, Riot finally released Pulsefire Ezreal! :D I'm not an Ezreal player and I don't own him, but damn that skin is fucking awesome! The coolest part for me is that it evolves as you level. Right now it's 1625 RP and that's at 50% off. That's about $15... And to get Ez it'd pretty much be $20 for the 2800 RP package (1625 for the skin + 975 for the champ) with 200 RP leftover which really isn't much. I've been debating about it because it is on sale and I know that it probably won't go on sale again (if ever) for a VERY long time. The regular price is a whopping 3250 RP. On the other hand, I don't play Ez... I've played him maybe twice. Usually I only buy skins for champs I really like and play often (or if the deal was just too good to pass up on lol). I'll probably pass on it, but most likely I'll regret it down the line heh.

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Been feeling ill off and on for the past week pretty much sucks. I have a couple crappy days and think I'm feeling better only to wake up feeling like crap again. :( But I was alright for a while sitting up (as long as I didn't move), so I spent that time making a buttload of League of Legend icons. Yeah, I'm pretty much obsessed. XD I didn't realize how many there were until I was done. I should have figured since there are almost 100 champions and each one has at least 2 skins. :/ I picked my favourite ones. I only really planned to make them for myself, but I thought I might as well stick them up here for anyone that happens to stumble upon it. Credit to all the pictures goes to Riot. I should probably also mention if anyone is interested in trying League of Legends they could sign up here (it's free!) and gives me a referral. ;)


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Been playing unusually large amounts of League of Legends lately. For the past couple months I've basically played 2-3 games a day. Considering each game can go from 20-50 minutes, it was reasonable. It's been closer to 4-6 lately.

I like to think that I'm immune to the crap that LoL brings, but I don't think I am. At least not as much as I thought. It's just been making me super irritable lately... And I haven't even been losing all my games. It's about half and half.

I've been getting so annoyed that people don't seem to be able to learn from their mistakes. This is probably why I'll never become a teacher. Or at least a very good one... You got your ass kicked once by diving into a fight outnumbered, so why do it again?? You were caught once because there was no sight on the enemy team, so why would you try it again?? Pings go down for you to retreat, so why did you stick around and die?? I don't have high expectations for the random PUGs, but if something happens to them a few times in the game, why can't they learn to stop doing it? -_-;;

The subreddit has been pissing me off a little too. Getting downvoted because people don't have a sense of humour and LoL is srs bsns is pretty stupid.

Bleh. I wish sometimes the game wasn't so competitive. You can try all you can to take an easy going attitude with it, but eventually you just get annoyed by time wasted vs. actual enjoyment.

At least the hockey game is on tonight. :D
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Clearly I'm not cut out to be a writer or anything of that sort... I forgot all about this. >_>  <_< And I  just re-read my "intro" post and I sound like I was heavily sedated or something. Maybe I  was...  XD Who knows? 

I noticed I also contradicted the fuck out of myself too lol. No opinions?  Me?  What the fuck was I on??  Srsly... Especially since most of it was an opinion... -_-;;;;;


Still watching Game of Thrones even if I am a couple episodes behind... I got behind reading the books, so I'm actually pretty on par with the series which is kinda weird. I'll read a bit, then watch it and then get horrible deja vu getting confused with the parts I read vs. watched hah.

I admit I watched American Idol semi-regularly. I skipped most of the boring parts with the judges and Ryan chatting. I didn't watch most of the results show or just skipped right to the end. I mostly watched it because Phil reminded me of some musically inclined friends I used to know and I was curious how far he could go. :P

I'm completely and utterly biased when it comes to The Avengers movie. Yes, I'm a Joss Whedon fan. Yes, I love crossovers. And yes, I have crazy thoughts that the last showdown fight was Joss' way of filming the Angel apocalypse that never was. XD And I'm super excited that the blu-ray/dvd combo is set for an end of September release!  :D

I'm also excited for the return of Suits and Franklin and Bash this summer!

I have a huge game backlog and with Steam's summer sale on the horizon I know it's only going to get worse... Been playing Diablo 3 like crazy! Although, I am a little bored with the replay value and having a broken AH isn't much fun. I'm hoping this next patch fixes some the issues. I still love it and will continue to play the crap out of it though. ;) It's been leaving me little time to play League of Legends, but then that's not always a bad thing. I play 1-2 games a day. Depends on the free champs tbh. I haven't played WoW since I mentioned it last heh. I played more Rift than it. I think I'm all MMORPG'd out. The timesinks and grinding for the amount of entertainment that I get out of it doesn't feel worth it. Not to mention the money... I  don't mind paying, but it feels a bit much to pay +$50 for the game itself and then $10-15 monthly fee on top of it. I've been paying playing for years and this structure has always irked me a bit. *shrugs* I know some game will be released that I want to play and I'll do it again though. :P

And every once in awhile I go through a Kpop phase. Been listening to BIG BANG's Blue. Kind of surprised me.  It's catchy and relaxing. :) I  don't get involved with the fandom and just watch/listen from my corner here on the interwebs.

That's it. Not super exciting, but the best I  can do at 9 in the morning. And it's not like anyone really cares or reads this lol.

.。.:*☆ (⌒▽⌒)☆


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