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So, I caught up on all the major E3 conferences yesterday (minus the 3DS because I really don't care about it all that much...) and although I wouldn't say it amazed me like past E3s, but there were a few pleasant surprises on my end.

In terms of "who won E3?" I'd say Ubisoft just inched Sony out by thismuch. I was tempted to take points away for the awfully corny host scripts, but then Joe Miller came out... so... :P Microsoft had to be the worst by far. They barely talked about any games and it was all about how they're basically transforming the 360 into a crappy HTPC. EA was just BO-RING, but then again I am not a fan of EA Sports games and that was like half of their presentation. Nintendo was just middle of the road. I love Mario (who doesn't?) and really it was just a lot of the same old stuff. But they all had something in it for me, so I can't say they were terrible.

There were a few highlights for me. As in, "OMG I NEED THAT GAME NOOOOOW!" XD

Last of Us is a game I've wanted to play since I first heard about it earlier this year. I was disappointed when I found out it wasn't co-op, but that really didn't deter me from wanting to playing it. Hell, the escort-like game play hasn't stopped me from wanting to play it. XD The demo was pretty awesome, NGL. You can tell the script was aimed to show you combat and I doubt that it's part of the finished story. I was intrigued by the fact you could create weapons, like the molotov. And the game looks so intense! I'm a sucker for post-apocalyptic "zombie-esque" games though.

Watch Dogs looks VERY interesting. I'm liking the direction the game is going. Using hacking as a weapon in a video game could just be genius. And the cut scene banter was awesome! I love it! The AI was amazing too, but there's no telling if they beefed it up for the demo or if the final game will interact like that. I'm hoping for the latter because I just about lost it when after the car accident the AI dude on the corner stopped to ask if the person in the car was alright! It was just little things like that that really brought the environment to life. And I was completely not expecting it. I had known nothing about this game and it surprised me. Also, the AR! I hope they keep that up. Those QR codes actually work! They take you to this website which is the art event shown in the demo. This game could potentially reach super awesome status. I'm just saying.

I admit it, I squee'd a bit when I saw Leon. :P I've heard a lot about RE6 and I wish I could play it now lol. All they really did was play through a scene which looked awesome. I'm happy that it's back to zombies in dark places. The amount of sunshine kinda killed the mood for me in RE5. The game mechanics look the same. Over the shoulder perspective with quick time events. They didn't say anything about the story, but from what I know there are 2? separate story lines going on at the same time (Leon's and Chris') and they eventually converge at some point? And there's co-op play again, so I'm happy about that. :D

Yeah yeah yeah, Simcity. I love Simcity and I'm excited for this new version. I hope that it's not "dumbed down" and that it still provides a good challenge like SimCity 4. That's about the only thing I'm afraid of. I also hate that it's published by EA... but what can I do? :/ Oh! Simcity Social looks super cute! I'm so gonna try that out. I got bored with The Sims Social. No, that's a lie. I got tired of the loading times on all my objects... so, we'll see how the Simcity version holds up. Going back to the game, the graphics look amazing. I love the stream of people on the sidewalks hehe. And construction looks a little bit more forgiving in terms of where you can place things. It doesn't look like a set grid, which would be awesome. I'm a little wary about the multiplayer aspect. It SOUNDS cool, but I'm not really sold on it. Especially with Anno 2070's "multiplayer" which really is just a cover for DRM. That could potentially be a dealbreaker for me.

There were some games that I found interesting, but I probably won't play them. If I happened to have access to it or much later it was on sale for super cheap I probably would.

It's not that I'm not a big Assassin's Creed fan I just never really got into the games, so I'd hate to start off playing the 3rd game before I've played the previous games. BUT this incarnation looks pretty interesting. I'm digging the whole early 1800s vibe. I have to laugh at the enemy being the Red Coats from a developer that's based in Quebec. :P What really got me was the demo with the ships. Omg, that looked amazing! I wish there was a pirates game just all like that. I would so play the crap out of that. XD

I wasn't completely sold on Beyond. I think it was just the presentation was lacking information. And I might've been still a bit bitter that KARA isn't going to be a game... I've yet to play Heavy Rain. It's a greatest hits now, so I really don't have any excuses lol. I'm on the fence anyways with interactive story games which is strange because I liked the old DOS adventure games. Maybe it's just because I haven't really played any of them (I tired Indigo Prophecy, but I didn't get very far), so I can't really judge them. I do like the new motion capture tech they're using. Jodie, the main protagonist, looks remarkably like Ellen Page. It's uncanny valley. Speaking of, if you're going to go on and on about Ellen Page's acting talents, don't show a demo where all she does is sits there silently for like 5 minutes... In the end, I don't know enough about the story to know if it's something I'd want to play. :/

Why?! Why must you show me Wonderbook which I had no intention of wanting because it looks gimmicky as hell and then give me new Harry Potter! ... Someone had their thinking cap on at Sony. I don't care for the mechanic of the Wonderbook itself. It looks really awkward to use because it looks mirrored. It's a cool idea, but I don't feel like AR is quite there yet. I think if you could wear a pair of glasses with a screen in it, so it would look like it was in front of you then that would be really awesome. Staring at the tv at yourself using a book in your lap is... well, awkward. It's like doing anything looking at yourself in the mirror. BUT then they throw at you Book of Spells! It's got NEW Harry Potter content with histories about spells! WTF SONY! I don't want your piece of crap Wonderbook, but I want the Book of Spells game... Ugh...

The Wii U is more gimmicky crap. Honestly, after my disappointment with the Wii I've given up trying out these new technologies for gaming. I like my controllers and if it's not broke, don't fix it. The Wii really just left a bad taste in my mouth. The Wii U just looks like an altered DS to me. Instead the top screen is your tv, whoop-dee-doo! Although, ZombiU has been the only game to really showcase the possibilities of the Wii U. At least for me. I think it's interesting how they use it like for the scope of a sniper rifle, the keypad to a locked door and an inventory bag so it's like you really are rifling through your crap. And of course the zombies help sell it for me. XD If I was to ever get a Wii U it would be to buy this. Probably. Although it's unlikely that I will...

I admit I'm a little excited for the Tomb Raider reboot. The demo looked fun to play. I was little confused because when she turned around I was like, "Who is this chick?? That doesn't look like Lara..." but they said later it's an origin story, so I guess it's a younger version of her. :/ I think it's a little funny that her main weapon was a bow & arrow. I couldn't help but think they were trying to channel Katniss (Hunger Games) because it kinda looked like her from the back. It looked like a typical action adventure game, but it looked like it would be fun to play through on a weekend.

I'm not a big fan of hack and slash games. I find my thumbs suffer too much. :P The last game I played was the Dante's Inferno demo. I really liked it, but my fingers were sore. XD Needless to say, I'm not a diehard fan of God of War, but this demo was really awesome to watch. Watching Kratos rip those beasts' heads off like, "Fuck your head!" and the finishing move with the elephant beast just looked cool. I doubt I'll play it, but I thought the presentation was entertaining.

And then there were the games and demos that I thought were complete and utter crap... or at the very least groan worthy.

First, I don't really get the Pitbull and Usher performances. It was kinda ho-hum and honestly most of the people in the audience are media reporters who couldn't care less. It really had nothing to do with gaming and had little purpose from what I could see. :/

So, Shootmania isn't a terrible idea for a game. I have to admit it gained some credibility for me having Joe Miller shoutcast the demo match and mentioning that Day9 was going to shoutcast a tournament. But in all seriousness, I can't see this becoming a huge E-Sports game. It's like a simplified version of CS. Really why play a game like CS when you could just play CS! :/ I do however think that they should move on from CS 1.6 to a newer platform (CS:S or maybe even CS:GO) as it's getting dated. SC moved onto SC2, so why not? I'm not a huge fan of the CS pro scene, so my opinion really doesn't mean all that much anyways. XD

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale... Let's just get it out there. It's a Super Smash Bros. clone. I lol'd when Parappa showed up on the screen. Honestly, how many characters can you think of that you can associate with Playstation?? The ones that I could weren't even featured, like Crash Bandicoot and Lara Croft. :/ Although, it will get cute points with me if Sackboy is included. :)

Sing is just a karaoke machine... I don't think this was really marketed towards North America. Karaoke is still big in Asian countries, so I'm sure it was more for them and they just thought to make one of us. I dunno, I wasn't all that impressed. I mean, isn't that what Youtube is for? :P

Ok, Xbox Smartglass is the most useless shit I saw from E3. The example that was given was if you were watching the new Sherlock Holmes 2 movie on your tablet (nice plug btw haha) and walked into your living room you could then transfer it to your tv and continue watching it there. It SOUNDS ok, but honestly, when whould I EVER do that?? I think I could wait however long for the tv to be free or to get home to just watch the movie on tv. Oh, and it's supposed to sync up your tv with your tablet and smartphone so that it would give you more info about what you're watching on these devices. I'm sorry, but if I have all these devices around me it's because I'm multitasking. I'm probably texting on my phone, while looking up things on tumblr or something with the tablet and watching a movie. Oh, but you can use your smartphone as a "remote" for your Xbox! Uh... if I'm already in the vicinity of the Xbox I can guarantee you that there is a controller nearby... Oh ho ho, but "keyboards don't belong in the living room." even though they've added Internet Explorer for the Xbox! Who cares?? -_-;;;; They're basically trying to make the Xbox into a "dynamic" HTPC, when really it's just a piss poor version of one. I did have to laugh when the guys from South Park came out to do their presentation and Trey Parker poked some fun at it. XD

Matter is kinect Marble Madness with space cores...

Wreckateer is kinect Angry Birds with castles instead of piggies and cannons instead of birds... And with the added bonus of looking like a flailing idiot while playing.

If Nintendo Land is their idea of Mario Party Wii U then no. Just no. Do not want. It looks so incredibly LAME. The mini games looks really simplified and not that fun to play. It looks like one of those ideas that might've looked good on paper, but not so much in reality.

I hate to end this on a bad note, so here are some honorable mentions of games that I thought were cool.

I didn't play the other Dead Space games because I'm a chicken shit. XD But DS3 has co-op mode and I'm always looking out for some new fun co-op games to play! I'll be able to get through it if I've got someone else to play with heh. The demo was pretty cool looking too.

It's hard to fuck up a Mario Bros. game. This looks like more of the same classic Mario. I don't doubt it'd be fun to play (even if it is for Wii U). I was surprised that they're opening the floodgates to allow people to post status messages that aren't the usual scripted phrases Nintendo Wi-Fi has been known to have. Perhaps I misinterpreted it and it'll still have the standby friend codes. It looks fun. Same for the other re-hashed Mario franchises, Paper Mario & Luigi's Mansion. I was disappointed that there was no Mario Party... :(

Lego City: Undercover looks super cute and fun! Lego games are awesome and this looks like a funny spoof of crime dramas. I love it! BUT it's a Wii U exclusive... :/

South Park: The Stick of Truth looks promising. I haven't watched or paid much attention to the show in years, but this looks like it'd be fun to play through. :)

This was quite long, but hey, it's E3! :D My wallet is gonna take a hit this year, that's for sure...

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