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Eh, so it's been bugging me that this has been empty. I honestly don't have much to say/write right now. I've kind of abandoned other blog-like outlets. Sure, I've got opinions, but I'm just not all that interested in stating them. Which I realize is ironic because this is an opinion in itself lol.

I'm not really involved in any fandoms. I watch/read/play things, but nothing that I would get heavily involved with outside of the original content. I suppose I could say something about them, but I honestly don't have much to say heh. I like them and I think they're cool. Or I don't really like it and I wish it was better. Those about the 2 opinions I've got. Haha now I've painted the picture of a really boring person. XD I am pretty introverted though. I do prefer to observe and be all thoughtful. :/

I prefer not to talk about my life online. 1) It's boring as fuck that even the people who do know me only think it's mildly interesting. 2) It's a little weird. I mention things, but a play-by-play is too intrusive for me.

Hm, things I have been doing so it doesn't seem like I have no interests... Been playing WoW after "quitting" several months ago. The reasons for playing aren't really important, but it wasn't for new content. I wasn't aware of 4.3 until maybe a few weeks ago heh. Being an ex-RPer transmog is cool and finally gives me a reason to actually use all these sets I've made in WoW Model Viewer. It kinda sucks that you can only wear cloth-to-cloth, leather-to-leather, and so on. The cloth items are the best in the game for female characters and some of the lower level mail (like the SM set) is pretty cool. Ah well. Maybe I'll post them here for shits and giggles.

Aside from WoW I got a bunch of tycoon games. I don't really know why. I guess I felt like being on a power trip? XD I liked Tropico 3 and 4 is pretty fun too. It's kinda the same, but with better graphics, better interface and some more options and campaigns. That's not a bad thing though. Good improvements all around. I played a bit of Airport Tycoon 2 (I think that's what it's called). I uh pretty much suck at it. I must be doing something wrong. I'll give it try again some other time.

I can't afford Skyrim. :( With the holidays coming up I've got other things to spend my money on, namely gifts. I don't mind. I'm not sure if I'll enjoy it. I don't mean the game itself, but from the video I've seen of it the motion blur or bloom affect that's used made me pretty nauseous. It can probably be turned off, but it's made me feel better about not playing it. :P

I ordered a Tamagotchi. XD Short story, when they were all the rage about 12 years ago- wait, 12??? I'm not THAT old. *calculates* No... that would be about right. Damn. Anyways, one of my friends brought hers to school and showed us it. She was the first to get it and it wasn't widely accepted at my school. Half the kids in the class thought it was awesome and the other thought it was lame. The teachers hated it heh. I thought it was awesome and I was so jealous. I of course added it to my kid wishlist and when my birthday came around that's all I wanted. Of course Toys R Us was constantly sold out of them and every time they got a new shipment in they'd sell out lightning fast. Not to mention they weren't exactly cheap. IIRC they were around $60. Needless to say I never got one. Recently got this urge to buy one, so I did. :D It should be here next week!

I've been reading through A Game of Thrones. I did see the HBO series first and that's what got me interested in reading it. I'll admit to that. I also did put off watching it for the longest time. Not for any particular reason other than getting around to it. It wasn't a priority or anything. I love the world and lore it takes place in. I wanted to know more, so I'm reading the books. I'm still in parts that were shown in the series, so for me I haven't gotten to the "new" content. I'm actually really excited about it. It's been awhile since I got interested in an ongoing books series.

I did catch up on Project Runway and ugh... I've just about had it with it. Not just PR, but all those reality contest type shows. At first they're fun and the people who win were so very talented. As they go on it's all about ratings and drama to keep people interested. Even if that means fixing the vote and the best person doesn't win. It gets too political for me. But then I still watch it because I'm a voyeur of drama... >_> <_< I don't watch singing comp shows though. I watched some of the X-Factor when it was in auditions. I really could care less at this point who wins. That's what happens, I just stop caring. It's either clear who is going to win or I know the right person won't win, so why bother? I could get into my opinion on that, but I'll save it for another day. :P

I think I've gone on long enough here. This was a strange "intro" post. I honestly was just tired of having this empty space here. It needed words. It was giving me the sad puppy dog face and I just had to comply.

Not to mention LJ is under constant DDoS attacks. I haven't been using my LJ much over there anyways, but I might have had some intention before. Now? Not likely. It's too often an occurrence over there that it's become unreliable. I'll pretty much check on the comms there I check in at until they get some sense and move somewhere else. Not necessarily here, but anywhere. Or until they close, I guess that's an option too.

Yeah, so, next time I promise to add images to break up all the words lol.


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