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A little late, but HAPPY CANADA DAY! █♥█

I tried my hand at nail marbling for the occasion. I think it turned out pretty cool. :) I used some random red polish I had lying around and a pretty sheer pink with gold glitter (NYC Golden Sunset). I think my favourite ones are my pointer finger on my left hand and my right ring and pinky fingers. I freehanded 2 maple leafs too. Strange, but I think the one on my right hand turned out better. I'm right handed, so I thought it would turn out so bad. XD

Clearer pic of my right hand. It was taken before I cleaned up or put a top coat on. ^^;;

And I got my Nintendo Club shoelaces a few days ago. :D I forgot all about Nintendo Club since I honestly never use my Wii anymore and I don't normally buy Nintendo games. If I do it's usually used games anyways. But they sent me an email last month to remind me and I had a couple hundred points, so I thought I'd see what they had to offer. Especially since shipping and handling is free! Sadly the Zelda poster set was unavailable. :( I thought about the fans, but I'm so damn klutzy that I probably would never take it out of the box for fear of tearing it... That left me torn between the laces and the 'History of Handheld Systems: Collectible Cards.' Ultimately I chose the laces for their practicality. :P I've yet to lace them up because I can't decide on what pair of shoes to put them on. XD I may see about getting some new ones on sale... I really want some old skool Nike sneakers. Ones with a red swoop like Marty McFly's. :P Fuck power laces. I gots some power-up laces har har!

And lastly, Riot finally released Pulsefire Ezreal! :D I'm not an Ezreal player and I don't own him, but damn that skin is fucking awesome! The coolest part for me is that it evolves as you level. Right now it's 1625 RP and that's at 50% off. That's about $15... And to get Ez it'd pretty much be $20 for the 2800 RP package (1625 for the skin + 975 for the champ) with 200 RP leftover which really isn't much. I've been debating about it because it is on sale and I know that it probably won't go on sale again (if ever) for a VERY long time. The regular price is a whopping 3250 RP. On the other hand, I don't play Ez... I've played him maybe twice. Usually I only buy skins for champs I really like and play often (or if the deal was just too good to pass up on lol). I'll probably pass on it, but most likely I'll regret it down the line heh.

Date: 2012-07-02 08:37 pm (UTC)
elaminator: (Catwoman: Ice ice baby)
From: [personal profile] elaminator
How didn't you get more polish on your fingers with marbling? Everyone I've seen do it has lots of clean-up afterwards. Damn. That's either some skill or luck. I think they're really cute and interesting. That color red is lovely too.

Those laces are adorable! Oh man, I adore that fan though. So pretty. I haven't bought anything Nintendo in a long ass time but I want it.

And happy (late) Canada day! :)

Date: 2012-07-05 12:03 am (UTC)
elaminator: (Avengers: Coulson & Thor)
From: [personal profile] elaminator
Ooh, tape, of course. I've heard of people using it when marbling, but somehow I think I'd still get it everywhere. Esp since I imagine it's hard to tape under the nail. Was it for you?

I actually went to the website to see if I would have enough points if I registered all my Nintendo stuff. ...still wouldn't, lmao. Most my DS games aren't Nintendo ones.

And you can't wear a fan, so maybe it's for the best.

Date: 2012-07-02 09:30 pm (UTC)
white_rabbit: (~watertribe~)
From: [personal profile] white_rabbit
I didn't have Ezreal, and I've never played him, but damn am I glad he is fun to play because I just had to have the Pulsefire skin. I HAVE A PROBLEM. D: But I also don't have many champs that I've bought, and I have been thinking of getting Ez for some time.

I had more than enough IP to buy him at least, so it only cost me $10 with the RP I had left over.

Date: 2012-07-04 07:12 am (UTC)
vongroovy: ([the it crowd] pointing)
From: [personal profile] vongroovy
Your nails are amazing! I've been playing around with my nails a lot lately, but I haven't tried marbling yet. I don't really have much patience, and it looks easy to mess up. Was it difficult?

Those laces are adorable.


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