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I kind of dropped off DW for a bit. First it was the Steam Summer Sale that took me away. I didn't buy a lot of new games as a lot of the games seemed to be older ones that I either had no intention of playing or already owned. I was able to get the Alan Wake bundle, Civ V GOTY and I semi-impulse bought Saints Row 3. I wasn't going to get it, but then I played a bit of it and it was so hilariously stupid that it was good, plus the price was just too good. A regularly priced $60 game for $12 (and the DLCs) was too hard to ignore. It's also co-op, so my boyfriend had a lot of fun playing that.

Which leads into my poor graphics card... I started to get those crazy artifacts on my screen and was sad that my card was dying. It's not terribly old (GeForce GT 9x series), but not super new. It was just the worst time for it. With school coming up I don't exactly have the funds to spend on a new card. I popped a really old Raedon in that couldn't even handle HD movies fullscreen. After unsuccessfully finding any decent cards in back-to-school sales I looked at trying to fix mine. I'd heard of people baking their cards in the oven and having them work after. It's supposed to be a quick fix for re-soldering the circuits. I watched the Youtube vids and figured I had nothing to lose as it was already busted and useless. Let me say it was really weird baking my graphics card. XD I was so scared that I'd over bake it or under bake it. There was a little bit of a weird smell, but no smoke or anything. I let it cool, put it all back together, popped it back into my case and prayed. It worked! I couldn't believe that it actually worked! XD BUT it was running REALLY hot... We were in the middle of a bad heatwave, so I had to still limit my time online. :/ With a little help from my boyfriend we later fixed it and found out the fan wasn't spinning at it's best to keep it cool. So, now it seems to be working like before. :D

And then the Olympics started and sucked me away for 2 weeks! XD

There was also some family crap and issues in between, but they're not as interesting.

Some Olympic gifs :D


BEST. GIF. EVER. It's just too cute seeing that volunteer squee over a Bolt fist bump. :3

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