Jul. 3rd, 2012

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UGH! Excuse me, but I need to rant about this. When someone is trying to get a hold of me and I tell them that I'm busy at the moment, but I'll call them back later that doesn't mean call me every fucking hour! I didn't forget. I intended to call them back. I'm just FUCKING BUSY! I'm sorry, but not everything revolves around their little problems and I know it can be hard for them to grasp, but sometimes there are things in my life that take priority over theirs. If it's an emergency, then that's something different. Except in this case it's not one. Usually it's a tech support call to fix their computer and 9 times out 10 it turns out to be something ridiculously easy that they could've figured out if they took the time to READ and THINK about it... OMFG! And as I type this, guess what? The phone is ringing AGAIN! I almost don't even want to help them out now. Screw it. I'll do it tomorrow. I'm too pissed off to care now. Unless their computer is on fire I don't give a fuck what's wrong with it. So, I guess the moral of the story is don't piss off your tech support? XD But really, I hate that shit. I'm a pretty patient person, so I don't understand the need to call someone every hour when I know they'll call me back when they're able to. I go do something else and if after a day goes by I'll call back ONCE or sometimes not at all and just find another solution. :/ I understand that people have lives and stuff they need/want to do. And even if I don't think it's as important, I respect that it's important to them.

And uh so this post isn't just a rage fest, I came across some pretty cool fanart for The Avengers. They were done by theDURRRRIAN. It reminds me of the Dragon Age and Final Fantasy art. I like the Iron Man and Hawkeye ones, but they're all pretty awesome. :)

Cool art :) )


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