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I  thought I'd share this little gaming-related story that happened recently. My boyfriend and I spend A LOT of time gaming together. Recently I picked up the Civilization IV bundle edition on sale @ Amazon for $7.50. It was too great a deal to pass up! The sale ended last Monday though. :( Anyways, we've been hooked playing. I mean, we're tearing through CivFanatics learning strategies and dipping our toes into the different mods. We played a campaign being on the same team and needless to say we stomped the AIs.

This time we decided to duke it out together (with AIs). He chose Justinian I (Byzantium) because he wanted to rush religion. I chose England (Victoria) because I thought I could expand quickly in early game and push my luck to finding valuable resources, so I could rake in the cash. I hadn't decided which victory I was going for and pretty much made it up as I went along.

The world ended up being 2 huge continents. I was in the middle of one with the Aztecs below. The last time I rushed military, but I thought I'd take it easy this time. I tried to make friendly with them, but they didn't like me too much because I was too close to their territory. :/ My boyfriend was north-west of me (I had no idea until halfway through the game) with the Egyptians occupying the north-east. For some reason they liked me, so we were pretty happy with our alliance. Also, my boyfriend and I decided to have an alliance throughout the game because we don't really directly compete against each other. It's just how we play.

I went along with my business until the Aztecs declared war on me. I wasn't really prepared because I was just setting up my military production machine cities and was going to attack him. It was a bit of a struggle and he captured 2 of my cities which put me behind a bit. In the end I flattened him with my Red Coats. :D Meanwhile, my boyfriend was declaring war on my Egyptian friends because they frankly were taking over the north leaving him with little breathing room. He was victorious as well.

At this point I had already one legendary city (London) and another was more than halfway there (York), so I thought I'd go for a cultural victory which is getting 3 cities to legen- wait for it- dary status. :P I was micro managing cranking out the culture as best as I could and trying to get those Great Artists made (they can instantly add 4000 culture to a city). While my boyfriend had decided to go for a space victory. He was further along and was about halfway done his spaceship, so I thought I'd make that my back up plan since I had some cities (like my production military ones) that weren't much use for the culture victory. I think I had about 12 cities because I took over all the Aztec ones. I renamed them Canadian cities because for the life of me I couldn't remember the other names.

So, we're racing along trying to get our victories done when a UN vote pops up. I had forgotten that I was the one who built The United Nations wonder. I looked over my choices and saw the Diplomatic victory, so I picked that trying my luck. My boyfriend (sweetheart that he is) kept voting me in whenever it popped up. The other 2 civilizations left were the Celts and Sumerians over on the other continent. They didn't like me very much and kept abstaining. So, I was always about 20-30 votes off from winning. I tried to trade and play nice with the other nations, but never got to a place where they voted for me. It must've popped up at least a dozen times and every time I picked the diplomatic victory option. I'd vote for myself and my boyfriend would vote for me, but it wouldn't be enough. I didn't pay much attention to it after awhile because I was so busy micro-managing my cities pushing for that cultural victory.

There were about 40 turns left in the game. My boyfriend had just sent off his spaceship. I had one turn till York reached legendary and about 10 for my next city, Nottingham. I was certain he would discover space before I could get my 3rd city to legendary, but when York went legendary it was funny to see him sweat a little. :P Another UN election popped up and I automatically pressed the Diplomatic Victory option. Like we'd done the past dozen times I voted for me and he voted for me. And then... I got it! XD I won the game! LOL It took him a minute to figure out what happened. It was so funny. He said he hadn't been reading what he was voting for and just kept voting me lol. He said he was TWO turns away from winning too. XD I said he would've won anyways because I was about 8. It was just so funny because the total game play hours of that game was 13! 13 hours only to end up with him accidentally giving me the victory right before he was going to win! XD

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